All Training and Specialist courses are conducted on the Sunshine Coast and Greater Gympie Region and charged on an hourly basis.                All courses and training are 1 Student to Trainer to create better learning pathways and results.                                                                        This also eliminates wait times during the course whilst others are being trained, so you get what you pay for!                                                            Content adaptability to suit rider level.



Learn to Ride

On-Road Training

Now also servicing the Greater Gympie Region!

  • 6 Pack Course - $250.                                  

Pay for 5 hourly lessons at time of booking and get the 6th FREE! Or

  • Pay as you go! @ $50 per hour.

    Pay for only the time needed!  Course is 1 on 1.                                      No wait times with others on course!                                                                                                                                                                            

Knights Rider Training has followed the principles of Mastery Learning Techniques for the past 30 years.

So Learning to ride a motorbike doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. KRT will turn it into a fulfilling, informative and fun experience. Their staff are expert at presenting theory and the practical aspects of riding safe and with confidence on-road. Patience is paramount for all budding riders and you will be supported regardless of your experience.                                                                                                                                                                            3 month waiting period: Lessons are conducted On-Road after the Pre-Learner course has been completed, these lessons can be in a 2 hr booking or smaller learning blocks depending on prior experience level, fitness and/or budget.  This course is one-on-one tuition to engage more direct learning and obtain better results.

The transition from training area Pre-Learner course to On-Road riding can be daunting and it is following these Mastery Learning Principles, that we encourage a rider to book in for a lesson or 2 to build your skill and confidence before tackling the RE licence assessment course. (Please note KRT does not conduct licence assessments, as we now are specific to on-road training).                                                                                                                                                                                                           Building a strong foundation in motorcycle control and cognitive awareness, builds a more highly skilled and safe rider. It is during these lessons where this foundation is set..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  These lessons are delivered, as needed in primarily 1 hr blocks, at $50 per hr, including all protective motorcycle gear. # discounts may apply.

The Learning to Ride On-Road lessons consists of:

  • Understanding core foundation techniques On-road

  • Implementing motorbike discipline and higher cognitive awareness

  • One-on-One lessons

  • Professionally guided practical rider tuition for All on-road situations including, "Understanding Cornering".

Refresher/Returning Riders Course.

Of course it’s natural to become rusty at what we don’t practice!

At KRT we approach all of our riders with care and patience to get you back on your game. After consultation with our rider, we establish an individualised plan and are flexible to work in with your lifestyle. KRT can come to you and rides range from 1 hour to half day.



Consultation and Coaching

Now also servicing the Greater Gympie Region!

At KRT we like to gauge a rider's ability using our experience and on-road know-how, to take you to a higher level of understanding.  Our consultation service is available to discuss unanswered questions, arising issues and to further your knowledge base of safe motorcycling disciplines. This service can be accessed via phone consultation,  app at Knights office base or our mobile service.

Learning the Art of Motorcycling takes time and like all complex tasks, especially those where safety is paramount, KRT's Coaching is a practical method to guide and teach licenced riders to a higher level of awareness, feel and control of their machines. For any person wanting to find a greater understanding in a chosen field, the coach becomes an integral part of this process.                                       At KRT we know motorcycling is awesome, it should be fun and crash-free. * So come Let Us find your awesome motorcycling potential.                         



Higher Speed Braking Course

Now also servicing the Greater Gympie Region!

Learning new skills, especially as speed is increased, can create stress, artificial or otherwise. The Higher Speed Braking Course is designed to take the course and make it into a positively empowering experience. This is my most favored course and I will guide you though to help you form a strong connection with you and your motorbike.                                                                                                                                                                                      Many riders response poorly under "emergency" situations, over-reacting and causing the motorcycle to skid, or underutilising the front brake and colliding with an object.                                             Freezing and non-reaction are symptoms of adrenaline over-load and can be avoided through braking Practice.                                     Being able to brake correctly and to accurately learn to judge your crash avoidance space, are essential for safe riding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is the opportune time to see whether you have it, at Higher Speeds.




Cornering like a Pro Course

Now also servicing the Greater Gympie Region!

Designed for people seeking more feel and control in their cornering. KRT can set an easy pace on some of Sunshine Coast's best roads and are re-knowned for their calm training approach.                                                                                                              Due to it's complex nature, Cornering is an Art and this is a great place to start.                                                                                 Learn to follow the process of 'procedures and observations',  KRT will have you flowing in your groove in no time at all.                      

Wet Weather Training

Now also servicing the Greater Gympie Region!

Many riders choose not to ride during inclement weather. There is no need to avoid it, learn to deal with it and own the conditions. The Wet Weather Course is a single day activity that focuses on the techniques and procedures that will guide you through the challenge. 

Maintenance Course

The Single Day Maintenance Course introduces you to the inner working specific to a motorcycle. Riding is an experience that should not be marred by preventable issues. It is always great to add to our knowledge base and KRT can expertly guide you through the routines and adjustments that make riding your bike terrific. 

Adventure Ride

The Adventure Ride winds its way throughout the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and littoral areas.                                                               

KRT crew can expertly guide you through the ride with training tips along the way ...                                                                                     if you're new to the area, or here on holidays and going for a cruise on one of KRT's bikes is just what you're after, then let Knights look after you by providing you with varying routes and seasonal lunch destinations so that you can do it many times a year.  

                                                                                                                       Make new friends and wonderful memories. 

                   Adventure Motorbike Ride starts at $300 for half day.