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Knight's Motorcycle Training was founded as Knights Riding Academy by Don Knight in Maroochydore Queensland, over 3 decades ago. The new Proprietor, Dianne Gatward, has been riding continually for the past 30yrs, on varying motorbikes, has been training for 10 yrs and has completed numerous highly recognized Qld and Interstate motorcycle courses, on-road and circuit. She is thoroughly experienced in the specifics of riding in Queensland conditions, hot, cold, wet and super dry. All KRT instructors are selected for their excellent riding knowledge, accident free history and positive interpersonal relationships. There is no better place in Queensland to learn the skills and strategies of safe motorcycling.

Di would like to thank Don Knight and Dave Walker, who’s lifetime motorcycling experience, has been invaluable for building a solid foundation in understanding motorcycling techniques and road safety for riders.


Knight's Rider Training

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